Week 15, Miracles are happening

Happy New Year everyone, and what a year it MUST become!

Alert readers will have noticed I didn’t write a blog in week 14, even the Do it Now’s didn’t make it happen. Reason for this? Yeah, there were the holidays of course, but that wasn’t really it. My company is in the final stages of migration to a new back office and world wide launch right after that. Since I’m not just one of the marketers in it, but co owner and COO, there is a lot to take care of and simply not enough hours in the day.
The reading has often been replaced by playing recordings with my headset on, while working dilligently.
Because of the focus on all the work, I had to prioritize this week and simply couldn’t have other departments waiting, because of my spending time on personal growth. The price that occassionally comes with the job.

But…..I keep looking at my video poster, am ware of the nr 1 item that I need improvement on and see that daily, with others and with my self at times as well….and I feel like  being in a warm bath, while working in perfect harmony with the greatest people one could dream of working with.

Yesterday it seemed like an explosion of all good things manifesting for us….one message after the other came in that filled me with gratitude and excitement. It is like months of dilligent work, on the business AND through the MKMMA on myself, suddenly are rewarded.

I am so much more aware of my thoughts, realizing that exactly these thoughts are forming the path into my future. I am much more forgiving and, not unimportant, find it so much easier to say a heartfelt ‘I am sorry if I pissed you off’….and add a spoken ‘but I really love you’ to that.
Something, just a few months ago, would have been a major treshhold for me to take.
I’ve softened I think….doesn’t mean I can’t take tough decisions, but it is different….I am different.

By the way, I am soooo happy with the new Scroll, I never really liked the 3rd one, but this one is simply uplifting and makes me happy every single time I read it or listen to it’s recording. I cannot imagine to ever not read in this little, yet so important book again after this MKMMA class has finished…. not a surprise if I think about that, because the work on ME will never be finished.

Still trying to complete a 7 day mental diet. Have made it to 5 so far max…. one day it will happen and until then, I will keep re-starting and doing my best.

I’ve scheduled time coming weekend to catch up reading through all of your blogs, something I always experience as something tremendously empowering. Keep growing, keep giving, as we all are nature’s greatest miracle!