Looking back and looking forward

It’s a great time to be looking back and looking forward.

This MKMMA journey has had a huge impact on my life, on me as a person and I want to reflect a little on that and share that with you.

In the past months there have been huge challenges in my life with a direct impact on the company I’m building with a wonderful group of people.
Challenges that would have made me kick out people in an eye blink if I would have still been the pre-MKMMA Mariska.

It is amazing how it is impossible for me to do anything that wouldn’t be kind to another, provided the other person never meant to wrong anyone.
I couldn’t have cared less before MKMMA, I do care now. Before MKMMA my ego would take control in any such situation, that ego no longer is there. I’m stunned at times by myself.

A long lost relationship with my oldest sister has suddenly been restored.
Before MKMMA I would have thought, once you’re out you won’t get back in. Ego again….after MKMMA I couldn’t feel anything but kindness and wishing to add some value to her.

In my DMP I had included my company would already be an enormous success within its first year. We have started a company 1 year ago. Because of a tsunami of misfortune, of which I will not go into the details here as it is irrelevant for the message I’d like to share, we had to change the concept of the business. All the misfortune, combined with a mastermind alliance in our core Corporate Team, of which in total three people did go through the MKMMA and the rest will apply for the next one, the most brilliant concept ever was created. Which was created only 3 months ago, so it feels like our first year.
Coming weekend our brand new website will launch. We know it will create a WOW with both our members and our current and future prospects.
Our vision statement contains part of the blue print builder, we believe in adding value and in sharing. Core ingredients of this company.

Since last Friday, when I decided to do a webinar in my own language (Dutch) and create a video with the very same content on Saturday, suddenly the Momentum in this country is coming. Interest is huge, great marketers are excited, investors are excited.
I do believe that part of my DMP, the success in its first year, will come true completely.

It will still be a few weeks for our new back office to go live, but these are exciting times.
In a few months time we will also implement a unique training system, for which I’m ever so proud and grateful to have the best of the best agree with us. We could not implement it earlier, because of the mentioned tsunami, but since the foundation of that training and of the MKMMA are so much embedded in our company philosophy, this is the only way we want to train and build.

I really look forward to do MKMMA once more and to send our members to the MKMMA as well, the coming one and many after it.
Mark and Davene have a goal, and I think we can and will help them exceed that goal.
Just the thought of so many people being able to develop new habits, to start thinking about what really is important to them, to understand that a life filled with kindness, a life of service to others, is the only way to find fulfillment in your own life and see rewards beyond imagination, is a thought that is humbling.

We are a different kind of company, we are an MKMMA company, vision, actions and future, all for a better world, one that would know more love, less greed, more sharing and giving, because there can be abundance for everyone.

This course, having welcomed Mark Januszewski and his wonderful wife Davene in my life in the fall of 2013, as a result of that also in the life of my friends, having attended this life changing program….it is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I know I did the work, but you guys have facilitated that, you have put me on track, have encouraged me when it was tough, but most of all you have inspired me in such a way, that the MKMMA and it’s core principles are the foundation of what will once be my legacy, my company.

Whatever you do, believe!!