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Marbella, October 27th, 2017
By Oprah Winfrey

It was a beautiful day when I met business owner and bestseller author Mariska van de Langenberg, to talk with her about her book, her company, her life, and what it was that made the major changes in her life.
Upon my arrival at the beautiful Marbella villa with a view to the ocean from the terrace, I find Mariska sitting on that terrace reading from a little booklet, The Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino.

Mariska, have you ever thought your book would become a bestseller this quick?
She smiles and answers that my asking if she ever ‘thought’ that, is more to the point than I may be aware of. Ever since her youth, she has known that one day, she would be wealthy. She always has known that the way her parents and family live, would not be her kind of life. During her life, especially after her divorce, raising 2 children as a single mum, with a special care child like her son, blessed with a tripple autisme spectrum disorder, she has thought about writing this book more and more often. Being a single mum, dealing with heavy financial debts after her marriage, working as a corporate manager, taking care of her kids, she knew that her life experiences could really be a baken to other single mums, other women with dreams, other people who were looking for ways to get out of the ratrace.
In 2013 she bumped into Mark Januszweski and was caught by what he had to share, so she took his Go90Grow course twice, before in fall 2014, she started the Master Key MasterMind Alliance course, which became the real life changer.

I have met Mark J and have to agree I was impressed with his insights, so tell me, what did this MKMMA do for you, how did you embed what you learned in your every day life and when did you notice the first changes?
Well Oprah, she said, let’s take a few steps back. After my divorce, I have been in one serious relationship, with a multi millionaire, who really was the love of my life. That relationship ended overnight and I’ve gone through hell for 2 years. During those 2 years I left Corporate Life and entered the world of network marketing. I got out of my depression after reading a book, ‘You can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay….I love Louise, and that was my first introduction with controlling our mind….Bach to the networking industry, where I fairly quickly became an authority on MLM legality. We all know there are many shiny objects in this industry, promising heaven, not delivering anything. I learned what it requires to have a compliant MLM company and mid 2014, together with 2 friends, we decided to start our very own company. All 3 we had been scammed, have seen people being scammed and felt the strong desire to show the world, there is an honest and transparent way to run a company with one goal: to make its members successful.
It is no coincidence that you are sitting here with me Oprah, You have been on top of my list of people I would really love to meet. You have been an example for me, and after having taken a test on personality colors, I learned that we both have the same personality color scheme…..isn’t that interesting? I have visualized us talking many, many times.

For a moment we sit in silence, drinking alkaline water….and then she continues her story. Mariska tells me how reading in Haanel’s Master Key, sitting in silence every single day, visualizing her future life, feeling it, smelling the Spanish air, mixed with the smell of the ocean, have put her Universal Mind in motion.
These daily exercises soon became very important, not starting or ending a day with them, made the day feel incomplete, but it also made her aware of her deepest needs, her personal pivital needs in life, which for her were Liberty and Legacy. Liberty, she explains, is having the resources to do what it is you want to do, Legacy, something you will be remembered by after you’ve left this eartly life. An important part of having Legacy as one of her PPN’s, was to ensure the future of her children, especially her son, had been taken care of.

When I asked her if her children have always been supportive of her journey, she smiles and shakes her head. No Oprah, she said, that definitely was not the case. It was hard, not to have the support you would love to have, but I believed in myself, in my goals, in the power of my thoughts. of my mind and I simply KNEW it would just be a matter of time before abundance would enter my life. With 5 Star Signals, the MLM company I co-own, I knew it would happen very soon.

By the way, she continues, I had also worked out a beautiful agreement with Mark J, to include his Go90Grow into our company and in return I would help him to expand his teachings, his life work, in other languages, since I speak 4 languages myself and have dear friends who could translate in several other languages as well.

She has embraced Quantum Physics and the idea that we all are part of the Universe or God or whatever people call it, so that in order to put things in motion, WE need to change ourselves. If what we think affects our actions, and she knows and accepts it does, as our subconscious mind takes ALL of our decisions, changing all subconscious believes was essential. Mariska explains that the journey of 27 weeks with the MKMMA has been challenging. She was confronted with physical violence in the beginning of that journey, had to move to another place in order to feel safe again, didn’t have internet for the first few weeks there, but she didn’t give up on her daily excercises, the reading, the sitting in silence and attended the weekly webinars at a friend’s place. And things just started to change…..part of the MKMMA, she says, was writing down your definite major purpose and reading that out loud 3 times a day, with enthusiasme…..the more often she did that, the more vivid the imagination became in the daily sitting in silence….
The early part of the MKMMA also has been challenging, as her old belief system was trying to interfere with embedding the new routines, with creating the new habits…..a new habit will take the place of an old habit and that old habit wasn’t willing to give up that easily….she smiles….looks me in the eye and says: “Old blueprint lost”.

In fact Oprah, she continues, the entire MKMMA is a journey of discovering the greatness inside of yourself, realizing that our outside world is a reflection of our inner world so to change the outer world, we need to get to the cause, to change the inside world, change our beliefs, and because of changing our beliefs, change our actions…..the only possible outcome can then be that the results will change as well.
And it did….she then tells that she took that MKMMA course together with another co-owner of 5 Star Signals and that resulted in a cause statement for the company, which they shared with their members, but also people from within the network and from corporate staff took that training. It was thus inevitable that 5 Star Signals would become the huge success story they envisioned when the 3 ladies started it. When I ask her how it makes her feel, Mariska answers that it fills her with enormous gratitude, knowing that what they have built is changing so many lifes, that the Think & Grow Rich part  of the Go90Grow training, available for all members and for which she does weekly webinars with their members, is helping people to find their bliss, to look beyond the money…..what is it that makes them thrive…..Mariska couldn’t be more grateful.

Then I ask her if there is anything she would like to add or share with Oprah’s audience. Yes there is: “Never regret anything in your life, all hard times turn out to be valuable lessons, but if you are willing to accept that anyone can change their outside world, by changing their thinking, their inside world, miracles can happen for everyone.”

I’m touched with the sincerity in Mariska’s words…..but I have one more question: Mariska, is it true you are not using the royalties of your book for yourself?
Her answer brings tears to my eyes: “Yes Oprah, that is true, as I don’t need that money….but having raised an autistic son, I know how hard it is for parents, for brothers and sisters, to cope with that ‘blessing’ in their family lives, so I’ve had this dream for many years, to enable these families to take a real vacation as a family, with proper guideance for the special kids, and where everyone, each single member of those families, really would be able to re-energize. That is why I raised the JoKi Foundation, which takes care of this cause.”

For those who haven’t read Mariska’s book, go read it, and contribute to this great cause as well.

This has been an interview that has touched me and I can’t wait to bring that story to national television in the US.


10 thoughts on “Press Releases

  1. Wow Marishka! I loved it! It brought a tear to my eyes, it is so many true feelings and so much legacy to others! These realease will soon be real, I can see it, feel it, from your words as if that really has happened. I could “see” all the details and images from this reading. Bless you and all love to you!

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  2. Thanks Mariska. Love this line: ““Never regret anything in your life, all hard times turn out to be valuable lessons, but if you are willing to accept that anyone can change their outside world, by changing their thinking, their inside world, miracles can happen for everyone.”

    Liked by 1 person

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