Week 12, getting behind for the first time

It’s week 12 already of this wonderful journey and for the very first time….I’m behind….I haven’t had the chance yet to listen to last Sunday’s webinar. The night I had planned for that AND had fairly steady internet connection, we ran into a major issue with our website which needed to be solved….it meant going to sleep at 10 am the next morning.
I WILL see it before Sunday’s webinar, one way or the other, but it doesn’t feel nice to be behind….I notice there is a kind of sloppiness crawling in, skipping a read, listening to the audio instead while cooking dinner, things like that.
It also is because I still don’t feel the same while reading scroll 3 as I did with the first 2 scrolls, I simply loved those…

I realize this again is that old subby that wants me to slide back….and boy am I struggling with that. I really can not miss those Sunday night webinars, not in the middle of this process, this  journey that I really, really, really want to complete. My future self is waiting for me, just around the corner…

I heard the stories from other MKMMA students, about the 50 minute excercise and I look forward of doing that, so have scheduled that in for coming Saturday. Curious to find out how I will feel, what will change during those 50 minutes…

The last thing I read every single night, is my pressrelease….I simply love it, I can visualize it at any time during the day…

We also celebrated successes this week, first video’s have been released. Our 1 minute teaser video gives, for MKMMA insiders, the clear message that MKMMA students have been involved in the making of it, lol…..the Do it Now and You can be what you Will to be, are included….I am so proud of the team, as these video’s show the high quality of all that we envision for the near and further future.

And what I also notice is that new ideas are being delivered, that will contribute to success of our company, which is part of my DMP….while typing this blogpost, from the corner of my eye I see my MKMMA Christmas tree, it really feels like that, the green triangle with so many red circles….THE 2 shapes for my PPN’s….and it makes me smile.

Christmas next week, I will curl up on my couche then, going back through all previous chapters of the Masterkey, something that I look forward to….reading the early chapters, knowing what I know now, reading new elements perhaps, or some pieces that suddenly make much more sense…. I’ve chosen to spend Christmas day alone, simply because doing this is the biggest gift I can give to myself…my current AND my future self, working on my journey, chipping off more of that cement..

So, Universe will deliver solid internetconnection within the coming 24 hours…I know it will and I will get online to watch the last webinar….back on track, I persist!!

Enjoy these true Holidays, in the spirit of Christmas, peace to the world, peace to all of you!


Week 11, from celebration to sadness to celebration again

The Monday has just ended, so tells me that little clock in the bottom corner of my laptop screen.
A Monday that started with a feeling of glorious celebration, after that power webinar of last night.

And then, that phonecall of my daughter, in tears. Her little kitten Pretzel didn’t come home last Thursday. They were in Paris for the weekend, came home to find he still wasn’t there….called the animal emergency service, who confirmed they had brought in a kitten that died after being hit by a car.
Her fear became reality…..she knew this could happen, but not this soon….he was still a kitten, less than 1 year old.
I have cried today, I tried to be strong on the phone, but hearing the pain in your child’s voice, that is so hard, I could feel her pain.
It’s okay to grieve and to cry, and at the same time I realized that her worst nightmare, her fear, had manifested.

The Universal Laws work in positive and in negative ways. This sad accident has proven that once more.

I don’t believe in coincidence….I struggle with the start of Scroll 3, the images of bleeding young bulls are very vivid and they don’t make me feel good. I wondered why I felt so strong about it….perhaps it was already designed, set out to happen in this very first week of the new scroll….I don’t know, but I now skip that first part of that scroll….with or without ‘will’, I simply don’t like the start of this scroll.

I don’t know about you, but that webinar of last night, that was powerful! I felt emotional, it touched me….goosebums and a huge WOW factor.
And within 24 hours, amazing things are happening. I worked through a pile of paperworks. I found an alternative to get steady internet in my house for about 1,250 dollars cheaper and much quicker to be installed, within days instead of months…our marketing team showed me a launch video that really blew me out of my panties (I hardly ever wear socks lol) and some interesting developments in my interaction with some hotshots from the industry. So the day really overal, despite the very sad news, was one of celebration, of knowing the Universal Law works always and for everyone.

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! It has become a mantra, it sings through the day, it sings through my mind, it is expressed in words….with enthusiasme…. the words of Mark: It’s a DONE DEAL….wow, I now know I have the real persistence, not the Guru-ish persistence, but true persistence….and it makes me go full speed. Little things that I don’t like doing, I’m doing it like I’m loving to do them….getting it done, out of the way, it is adding to the success awareness. I always keep my promises.

Something else that made last night’s webi special: I started it with a Spanish coffee within reach. Spain is my destionation, it’s in my DMP, spring 2016….I’m living my DMP….again, it’s a DONE DEAL.

This MKMMA is so much more powerful than I ever could have anticipated. I did Go90Grow twice, I already was totally ‘in love’ with Think & Grow Rich, but the Master Key, the T&GR Blue Print Builder, the service cards, the vision board, the shapes all through the house, Emerson….it ALL comes together and it ALL….makes perfect sense.

While writing this blog, I’m almost overwhelmed with a feeling of deep gratitude. I’m so grateful that Mark, the fabulous Davene, Dr Derek, Trish the Dish, my wonderful guide Luc entered my life, not just to touch it, but to change it for the better, for the greater good, once and for all.

We have reason to celebrate….as nothing will ever be the same again, because I will never be the same again.
Today I start a new life. I greet this day with love in my heart and I WILL….persist!

Congratulations to all of my fellow MKMMA hero’s who are continuing their journey. You have GOT IT!

Week 10, great day….until there was this idiot….and some restarts

This started to be a great day….eventhough I overslept this morning. A little late for a breakfast meeting with 2 friends and team members, but great conversations and noticing I observe better and better which individuals who seem to have a lot of bad luck in their lives, have created that and are in the process of creating more of that, by their statements, the words that flow out of their mouth.

Came back home, some great progress on work that seemed to take forever and signed up a real runner. Did a flow chart for our IT guy with whom we have a Skype meeting tonight and then decided to go out for some groceries. That wasn’t planned, but my son wasn’t feeling that well and what was on the menu for dinner tonight, well, his stomach protested. Soup it would be instead.

My bestie joined me to the supermarket, saving herself a trip on her bike in this freezing cold (I will never be a winter person lol). As always we have great conversations, we laugh, we just match very well.
Groceries were done quite quickly and we walked back to the car to put the groceries in the back and got in ourselves. On my right another car was parked who pulled out backwards while turning his steering wheel….and we both saw that came to close….aaaaaand hit us.
So we got out and stepped in front of that car, as it looked like he would drive off….when I told the guy that he had hit us and that I would appreciate filling out the insurance papers, he simply said he never hit us….and because he was pulling out of a parking space it would be impossible for him to hit us….. I still wonder where he got his drivers license, really….
The man refused to fill them out…my friend, very smart girl, took a picture of the car while I was memorizing the license plate….then she wanted to take a picture of that guy, who became really mad and even moved towards her, so she ran off to a safe distance.
He started his car again and wanted to drive off….so I warned him, driving off after a hit is a fellony and I will call police….he didn’t care he said.

My friend in the mean time was talking to the police, who were going after this guy…..and then we were standing there, still in shock about the fact he called us liars…..and getting really cold.
Since we both are in the MKMMA, our dealing with the situation came up as well…..and both of us had not such nice thoughts about this guy and his reactions….that was a restart.
After a while the first police car arrived, so we told our story….the police could see damage to my car as to where the other vehicle had hit it and gave us some good advise. Then they asked me if I was willing to still fill in the paperworks if their colleagues would be able to convince the owner of that other car to do so. If not, we would have to press charges which can take forever (which I unfortunately have experienced in the past and am still experiencing right now), so, also with the change in myself because of the MKMMA, I agreed.

politieThen the 2nd police car arrived, and the other car with its driver….still he was in complete denial, but the police got his approval to give me his personal information, required to report to the insurance company…and again, because he still denied he hit us, even the damage on his own car, which had been measured by police and matching to the height where my damage is, didn’t convince him….no, he told the police that was damage because it was an older car…duhuh….restart again.

I’ve tried ‘I’m whole etc.’…but honestly, I couldn’t get any further than ‘whole’…and some less favorable names for this guy came up in my mind.. restart again.

Now I am back home, back in the warmth and my fingers are warm again….my legs and feet still feel cold, but some hot tea will get those warm again soon enough.

I don’t feel agitated or anything, can even smile about the entire situation….there is damage, it’s not that big, nothing that cannot be fixed and I am in the warmth, while those officers will be out all night, stopping cars with lights that aren’t properly functioning and ticketing them.
We graciously thanked the officers and my friend, she is brilliant, she even thanked the guy for coming back.
But in that moment, old habits showed up….we both experienced that, so the old blueprint hasn’t been disconnected yet. I will persist, that WILL happen!

Well, few restarts, but this was day 5 and never had been at a 5th day before, so I am quite confident that full 7 days will be completed in the near future.

Let’s make the rest of this year one without police and one without restarts, wouldn’t that be awesome?

Week 9, I must seem like a nut case and I don’t care!

I must seem like a nutcase and I don’t care….I don’t!

Here I am, saying at least 20-30 times a day out loud ‘I cán be…what I wíll to be’….and ‘Do it now’….once a day it is the Blue Print Builder out loud, every morning my cards out loud, my DMP 3 times a day….my house is covered with shapes on sheets and on a painting and then we also have my movie poster in the middle of my living room.

Add up to that that several times I have heard myself saying to my son or best friend ‘I’ve told you that already’, where they looked at me with eyes as two big questionmarks…. I really thought I had, to find that I did tell them, but in my sits. Darn, that is confusing!

I'm happy!
Week 9 gave us a beautiful affirmation:

I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

And wow, what does that affirmation feel good…it felt so good, that I wanted to see that as well, so I made a wallpaper of it and have printed it of as well. I’ve applied Emerson’s Essay on compensation on it, have shared that wallpaper on Facebook and Twitter and have affirmed it for my kids and my friends who are in this MKMMA as well. That almost brought tears to my eyes….wow!
I’ve asked our corporate team to send me their DMP’s when ready, and every day I read one of them out loud as well. It is all so awesome!

The webinar from last night, combined with Master Key week 9, really made me ‘get it’….what a power we have control over.
It is like someone turned on the light so I suddenly could see it crystal clear: whatever we want, provided it is good and doesn’t take anyone else’s good, we can manifest. It made me feel so happy today, cheerful, joyful….really a feeling of celebrating.

It gets more and more easy NOT to form an opinion and just to observe…. not there yet, but defenitely making progress. The mental diet suddenly became easier….again, not there yet, but am getting closer to completion….no restarts yesterday or today, that is the first time of 2 consecutive days…yaaaay!

My week started with a dear friend from a previous company who messaged me that he wanted to join, again Emerson tapped on my shoulder, and he is signing up with a friend….for me it doesn’t matter, I only want to make money by helping others to make it, starting with my friends.
It simply was a great Monday and I feel on top of the world.

I must seem like a nut case, but I don’t care….I will shout it from the roofs: on my way to my DMP for sure!!

Week 8, Procrastination and my future self

We’ve started week 8 and I am very grateful for last nights webinar.
Last week I noticed I started procrastinating….ah, you have read twice today, that will do as well….so I had 2-3 days where I took short cuts. The truth is, I didn’t like that at all, yet it happened, as I observed.

‘Procrastination is giving your challengesand problems to your future self’, Davene said. Wow, what an eye opener!

I love my future self and I definitely don’t want her to experience some of the events I’ve been experiencing in my life up til now, so I had to get back on track and I took that decision on the spot!

This morning I started with reading Og, I greet this day with love in my heart…followed by my DMP out loud and the first sequence of ‘You can be what you will to be’….that sentence came out of my toes, at least, that is what it felt like. 😉
I threw in a series of ‘Do it nows’ as well.
I sat for over 30 minutes, having a visualized conversation with my friend, talking about the journey that got me to where I was now. It really feels so real to talk about it, even if only in my mind, as if it all has already manifested. It was the same experience with writing my press release.
My friend is taking her MKMMA journey as well, so the 30 minutes were filled with talking about each others experiences, challenges, changes….and how love and positive mindset and mind power have changed everything…..and I mean EVERYTHING!
She ended up living in Greece, with her own wellness center, I settled in the south of Spain, owning a very successful Forex education MLM company called 5 Star Signals, helping families with autistic children by enabling proper vacations for those families and simply enjoying life. I could see her face, could hear her laughing….
Last week I struggled to stay focused on the conversation, this morning it was like I was really having that conversation and really, really enjoying it.

I truly love my future self and I know, that keeping the discipline to reading 3 times a day, seeing the shapes all through the house, applying the 7 Laws of the Mind, each day will transform me a little bit more, until me and my future self are completely one. We got seperated at a very young age, due to the red pencil society, but we will be reunited, as


Week 7, DMP, mental diet and being tested

I had a super weekend. My best friend and I went shopping for a compass. That….was not that easy at all! I think we have seen at least a dozen shops,  including toy stores, before we finally found a toy key-ring with a picture of a compass on it and, really funky living in the country of bicycles,   a bicycle-bell with a compass on top of it.

While shopping we also bought canvas and paint.
Saturday would be the day of creativity. For me, that is about a thousand miles out of my comfort zone. I never have been creative where it comes to drawing,  sculpting or painting.  But….I did it.

Very simple: White background with the 4 colored shapes. Not easy to paint a rectangle that also looks like one. 😉
And, tongue between my lips for concentration, I saw my friend,  completely opposite from me, being very, very creative….that alone already was hilarious and made us both laugh.


Still, I feel proud. So much feeling went into this that it now has a nice spot in the middle of the livingroom wall.

All through the house my sheets with shapes are to be seen.
My son never even found it strange lol.
In fact, when I came home with painting and sheets, he said ‘Okay Van Gogh, where do you want to put it up the wall?’ and actually did that for me.

Then Sunday came. During the webinar we did the exercise to forgive everyone….and I struggled big time. I found it very hard to forgive the people who used physical violence towards me just a month ago. Justice department is still investigating and that episode just isn’t behind me yet.
Then I remembered famous words of Louis Hay,  whose ‘You can Heal Your Life’ has been a turning point in my life a few years back.
She said ‘if you are truly willing to change, then put your hand on your troath and say out loud ‘ I am prepared to change’ and repeat that as often as you can in the days to come. A process will be put in motion if you trust the Universe.’

That is what I have been affirming since the webinar: ‘I am prepared to forgive’…trusting the process.

Day 1 of the mental diet was simply fabulous.   For the first time ever, I had a full day without restarts,  really awesome.
And then…..There was day 2.
My son clearly had an off day. No matter what,  he had decided this was not a good day for him and to make very sure I was aware of that….sigh.
Now, if you happened to read my press release, you may recall he has a tripple autistic ‘blessing’, meaning that whining to him means usage of language that you really can not pretend to be perhaps a little bit positive….It was a tough day with countless restarts.

I’m positive tomorrow will be a good day with, fingers crossed,  the reünion with my laptop.

And….my awesome guide gave me his blessing, my DMP is okay now!

May love and positivity fill your hearts and minds,  including your subbies.

Week 6, love (and) opinions

Scroll 2 is all about love. I love reading it. But reading is only one part, a starting point.

I noticed a greater love for me, my body, already when we were still reading the first Scroll,  but the second opened my eye for it: I definitely eat much,  much healthier than I’ve been doing for a long time.
I sleep better and longer as well.

Applying the silently ‘I love you’ to everyone I meet still feels strange and at times uncomfortable as well.
When I noticed the discomfort and wonder where that comes from…It appear to be….AN OPINION, really, every single time.
I find that quite shocking as majority of these people are complete strange to me.

Yet, I trust the process, awareness being the beginning of change…Let me change as who am I to have an opinion on people I never met before.

Not having an opinion might turn out the hardest assignment I ever took.

Still no laptop nor Internet connection, so will work at my best friend’s place in the coming days on vision board and the 8 sheets with colored shapes.   

Mastering  the auto correct traps a lot better when typing my blog posts on my smart phone lol.
There is a positive side to every experience.

Wish you all a Loving week!