Mariska van de Langenberg

Hey, Mariska here. Really nice that you are visiting my blog.

I’m a Dutch marketer and business owner,
but above all I am a Mother of 2 beautiful children.
The oldest, my daughter, lives with her boy friend at a 20 minute drive distance.

The youngest lives with me.
He is ‘blessed’ with a tripple autistic disorder,
and has a passion for hardstyle music.

In fact,
he is making his own mixes
which are broadcasted every Saturday.

I am a proud Mom.

I always had a strong interest in psychology,
what is behind behavior of people, what drives and motivates them…
Recently I started discovering that from myself,
through the MKMMA training by Mark J,
his wife the fabulous Davene and their team.
It is amazing, at times confronting,
definitely life-changing as I am changing.

My experiences are the main subjects of my blog on this site,
which you can also reach through my other website http://www.askmariska.com.

Please be invited to follow and enjoy my blog(s) and perhaps
it might trigger you to do some soul searching or to join the next MKMMA.

Mahalo, from the Netherlands.


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