Week 17&18, grow baby….grow!!

Right in the period where I felt it all was becoming a little too much…. co-partner of my company out of business sick for a while, burocracy that is getting really annoying, so many areas to pay attention to, so many things that were not part of my area of responsibilities when we started, but now are just that….insane working hours (talking 18 hours a day)…. I was practically forced to study our own product and apply it.

I tried to avoid, I tried to procrastinate….until I read that card again: do it now….and I started….luckily I study quite easily and had already picked up a few things over the past months, but I started trading….I felt highly uncomfortable…but I hit profit….and again….and again.

Then our second trader decided to add another strategy to the cheapest product, so I had to study some more, and apply….hitting profit again.
And now, I feel I am capable of explaining the basics of it to someone new to trading….and…I’ve been asked to handle a specific part of the service we are running, to practice…and of course have a highly experienced trader to review what I do for at least the early period….something I never would have held possible, suddenly is real.
It was about 4am over here when I realized what I just did…..I laughed out loud, looked up and said “Thank You Universe”…and poored myself a glass of wine. I stepped out of the known, into the unknown….and felt ever so grateful I did!
My planned book, it just got itself another chapter. 🙂

And it hit me then….success and the manifestation of income…it’s in my DMP that I would make solid money from my company….trading profits defenitely would be part of it, but where I always had assumed that would be passive investing, it now has turned into something way more valuable, I’m actually trading myself. Because of the results it is very easy to show that to others…numbers don’t lie, right?
The opportunities are there, over and over again….but we must be willing to see them and to take them, even if that means stepping way out of our comfortzone!

Gratitude is a feeling that I am aware of more and more, for little things, for bigger things, it doesn’t really matter.

Being of service is another thing that gradually has become a bigger part of how I live….it’s a natural habit and it’s okay to give, it’s beautiful to give, to serve others.

Last webinar, the question : “What do you think it is you don’t know”…one to reflect on, one to sit on…
And I think I hit the nail on the head….what you think you don’t know, it’s what you THINK you don’t know, what you are telling yourself you don’t know…..everything you need is inside of you. I am part of something much bigger, part of the omnipotent, so that knowledge is already there, it just needs to be brought up, it needs to show itself……and the ways to bring it up, will be provided to you.
Isn’t that a HUGE eye opener?? It was to me.

So not matter how challenging life may feel right now, embrace the challenges, it is a major opportunity to grow, to take the lessons that are offered and celebrate your growth.

I’m grateful that I was pushed to apply….and it makes perfect sense, knowledge doesn’t apply itself….it goes for every area in your life.
It is perfectly fine to make mistakes….that is where you will springboard to success…keep repeating being uncomfortable until you master something and feel comfortable again. Realize, if you never feel uncomfortable, there will not be much growth.

I really AM the hero of my own life….I’m developing a new blueprint AND am developing new skills, new specialized knowledge about my product. And because of that, Mandino writes about it, my sales will multiply.

I respect and appreciate all of my fellow heroes in this MKMMA, yep…..you too! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Week 17&18, grow baby….grow!!

  1. Mariska, your post was beautifully written and inspiring. Being of service to others is what life is all about. So happy for your success through perseverence and giving everyone reading your blog that inspiring message. Peace be the journey!

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  2. You answered the question “What do you pretend you don’t know?
    .what you think you don’t know, it’s what you THINK you don’t know, what you are telling yourself you don’t know…..everything you need is inside of you.
    Love it!!!

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