Week 3, me and the old blueprint

Week 3 started with a webinar that had some epiphany moments for me. It helped me finalize the second draft of my DMP afterwards and send it to my guide.

The epiphany moments were such eye openers that I had a phone call with my best friend, who is taking the MKMMA as well.
An example: on a regular basis I was making statements like ‘when the money comes in, we will go take that vacation’…suddenly realizing it is similar to what was mentioned in the webinar, when the DMP’s was on topic. If I don’t state WHEN I will take that vacation, my subby, the Universal Mind will not have a clue what is expected to manifest and by when.

What is really amazing is, that last week out of the blue there was the urgency of finding another place to live. My FAITH that would just be arranged at the right time, worked out just like that. This week I will have the key of a new place, moving my belongings with a few great people end of this week.
So I know, I just know that it is just the way these things work. But I wasn’t quite aware, that on other areas I was sabottaging it myself, the one and only reason that vacation hasn’t happened yet: ME not being clear, ME not having full faith, ME making statements that are not contributing to manifesting it.

This week will be a challenge in doing the reading and sit every day….packing up one house, while staying somewhere else that takes an hour drive to get to the old house…I do my best, that is one thing that I am 1000% committed to. Reading may not be after my middag meal, but second read when getting back in the early evening and if time really becomes an issue, instead of reading, I might cover one or two sessions listening to the audio files (MKS, Scroll, BPN and DMP – I have them all on audio files as well) while driving.

No way the old blueprint will win….not the slightest chance. Bye bye oldie, hello new me!


13 thoughts on “Week 3, me and the old blueprint

  1. Wooooo!!!! I’m so glad to read it, and congratulations to your new place! It will be just amazing, REALLY start a “new” life from new page in a new place:-)
    Faith, Trust and Patience! You got it all and you’ll accomplish everything!

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  2. I am so very proud of you and to also be your friend. You have amazing faith and anything that can make you a better person is already an incredible feat in itself. I am so blessed to be on this same journey. I have left my struggles behind, those days are gone and the new blueprint already being formed.

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