Looking back and looking forward

It’s a great time to be looking back and looking forward.

This MKMMA journey has had a huge impact on my life, on me as a person and I want to reflect a little on that and share that with you.

In the past months there have been huge challenges in my life with a direct impact on the company I’m building with a wonderful group of people.
Challenges that would have made me kick out people in an eye blink if I would have still been the pre-MKMMA Mariska.

It is amazing how it is impossible for me to do anything that wouldn’t be kind to another, provided the other person never meant to wrong anyone.
I couldn’t have cared less before MKMMA, I do care now. Before MKMMA my ego would take control in any such situation, that ego no longer is there. I’m stunned at times by myself.

A long lost relationship with my oldest sister has suddenly been restored.
Before MKMMA I would have thought, once you’re out you won’t get back in. Ego again….after MKMMA I couldn’t feel anything but kindness and wishing to add some value to her.

In my DMP I had included my company would already be an enormous success within its first year. We have started a company 1 year ago. Because of a tsunami of misfortune, of which I will not go into the details here as it is irrelevant for the message I’d like to share, we had to change the concept of the business. All the misfortune, combined with a mastermind alliance in our core Corporate Team, of which in total three people did go through the MKMMA and the rest will apply for the next one, the most brilliant concept ever was created. Which was created only 3 months ago, so it feels like our first year.
Coming weekend our brand new website will launch. We know it will create a WOW with both our members and our current and future prospects.
Our vision statement contains part of the blue print builder, we believe in adding value and in sharing. Core ingredients of this company.

Since last Friday, when I decided to do a webinar in my own language (Dutch) and create a video with the very same content on Saturday, suddenly the Momentum in this country is coming. Interest is huge, great marketers are excited, investors are excited.
I do believe that part of my DMP, the success in its first year, will come true completely.

It will still be a few weeks for our new back office to go live, but these are exciting times.
In a few months time we will also implement a unique training system, for which I’m ever so proud and grateful to have the best of the best agree with us. We could not implement it earlier, because of the mentioned tsunami, but since the foundation of that training and of the MKMMA are so much embedded in our company philosophy, this is the only way we want to train and build.

I really look forward to do MKMMA once more and to send our members to the MKMMA as well, the coming one and many after it.
Mark and Davene have a goal, and I think we can and will help them exceed that goal.
Just the thought of so many people being able to develop new habits, to start thinking about what really is important to them, to understand that a life filled with kindness, a life of service to others, is the only way to find fulfillment in your own life and see rewards beyond imagination, is a thought that is humbling.

We are a different kind of company, we are an MKMMA company, vision, actions and future, all for a better world, one that would know more love, less greed, more sharing and giving, because there can be abundance for everyone.

This course, having welcomed Mark Januszewski and his wonderful wife Davene in my life in the fall of 2013, as a result of that also in the life of my friends, having attended this life changing program….it is the best thing that could ever happen to me. I know I did the work, but you guys have facilitated that, you have put me on track, have encouraged me when it was tough, but most of all you have inspired me in such a way, that the MKMMA and it’s core principles are the foundation of what will once be my legacy, my company.

Whatever you do, believe!!

Week 19&20, Inner Struggle

As already is clear from the title of this blog-post, there is an inner struggle going on.
And how amazing is it, that right now, a coach reached out to me, one who has done about 600 interviews last year and has helped many, individuals and businesses to 100 million revenue or more….thank you Universe, thank you Creative Mind….the demand was clear, the way is shown.

I’ve not been faithful with the daily reading….I’ve read, but often it was just once or twice…I even missed a day or 2 in doing my sits…..I felt tired, really tired to being exhausted.
So I decided to cut back some working hours, as those have been insane for months….I had to, my health is important and no one will be helped if I end up being unable to lead this company….I’ve peace with that now, after a few sits on this subject.

Learning to delegate, but that had to come together with a clear understanding of each individual’s role in this company.
Bureaucracy is still driving us crazy, but we should see the end of that part now finally….improvement in communication is implemented..progress even though slower than we would have wished.

At times it feels like that old Blueprint still is popping up….hey, it’s useless, better spend your time to simply relax a bit….other days where I can be very strict in replacing that idea with a 25 times of ‘Do it Now’….and, something that I’m not sure if others are experiencing the same, people that I used to have some nice conversations with in the past, the ‘before MKMMA life’ so to speak….I’m struggling to find a topic to talk about.

In a way we have so much depth in conversations with our mastermind partners, our MKMMA friends, that with people who are not in that inside circle, it all seem to be so hollow, so much about the things I can’t even talk about: topics from the news on television….a bit hard if you don’t watch television, don’t watch series etc…..the weather is always safe, inquiring about kids, spouses and family will work….but after that….

On the other hand, new people are reaching out….but it’s like a twilight zone, the old is not yet completely gone and the new not yet completely arrived….that at times can be quite lonely….and those are the moments Mr Old Blueprint peaks around the corner.

Writing this blog-post helps me to see that very clear, so now it’s up to me, to stay on compass, to persist in meeting my future self….I like that woman so much, so will not have that old chap keep me from doing that….but shoot, it isn’t always easy!

Week 17&18, grow baby….grow!!

Right in the period where I felt it all was becoming a little too much…. co-partner of my company out of business sick for a while, burocracy that is getting really annoying, so many areas to pay attention to, so many things that were not part of my area of responsibilities when we started, but now are just that….insane working hours (talking 18 hours a day)…. I was practically forced to study our own product and apply it.

I tried to avoid, I tried to procrastinate….until I read that card again: do it now….and I started….luckily I study quite easily and had already picked up a few things over the past months, but I started trading….I felt highly uncomfortable…but I hit profit….and again….and again.

Then our second trader decided to add another strategy to the cheapest product, so I had to study some more, and apply….hitting profit again.
And now, I feel I am capable of explaining the basics of it to someone new to trading….and…I’ve been asked to handle a specific part of the service we are running, to practice…and of course have a highly experienced trader to review what I do for at least the early period….something I never would have held possible, suddenly is real.
It was about 4am over here when I realized what I just did…..I laughed out loud, looked up and said “Thank You Universe”…and poored myself a glass of wine. I stepped out of the known, into the unknown….and felt ever so grateful I did!
My planned book, it just got itself another chapter. 🙂

And it hit me then….success and the manifestation of income…it’s in my DMP that I would make solid money from my company….trading profits defenitely would be part of it, but where I always had assumed that would be passive investing, it now has turned into something way more valuable, I’m actually trading myself. Because of the results it is very easy to show that to others…numbers don’t lie, right?
The opportunities are there, over and over again….but we must be willing to see them and to take them, even if that means stepping way out of our comfortzone!

Gratitude is a feeling that I am aware of more and more, for little things, for bigger things, it doesn’t really matter.

Being of service is another thing that gradually has become a bigger part of how I live….it’s a natural habit and it’s okay to give, it’s beautiful to give, to serve others.

Last webinar, the question : “What do you think it is you don’t know”…one to reflect on, one to sit on…
And I think I hit the nail on the head….what you think you don’t know, it’s what you THINK you don’t know, what you are telling yourself you don’t know…..everything you need is inside of you. I am part of something much bigger, part of the omnipotent, so that knowledge is already there, it just needs to be brought up, it needs to show itself……and the ways to bring it up, will be provided to you.
Isn’t that a HUGE eye opener?? It was to me.

So not matter how challenging life may feel right now, embrace the challenges, it is a major opportunity to grow, to take the lessons that are offered and celebrate your growth.

I’m grateful that I was pushed to apply….and it makes perfect sense, knowledge doesn’t apply itself….it goes for every area in your life.
It is perfectly fine to make mistakes….that is where you will springboard to success…keep repeating being uncomfortable until you master something and feel comfortable again. Realize, if you never feel uncomfortable, there will not be much growth.

I really AM the hero of my own life….I’m developing a new blueprint AND am developing new skills, new specialized knowledge about my product. And because of that, Mandino writes about it, my sales will multiply.

I respect and appreciate all of my fellow heroes in this MKMMA, yep…..you too! 🙂

Week 16, Changes come from within

Week 16, Changes come from within

The next from 35 to 42, is a period of
reactions and changes, and this in turn is followed by a period of reconstruction,
adjustment and recuperation, so as to be ready for a new cycle of sevens,
beginning with the fiftieth year.


And I think back….I filed for divorce when I was 36, followed by definitely a period of adjustment and recuperation.
And guess what, I turned 50 just a few months ago, just before I started the MKMMA journey….wow, no such thing as coincidence!

Changes come from within. Since the world without is a reflection of the world within, when I change, the world without cannot be anything else but changing too. And it changes for the better!

Those familiar with these cycles will not be disturbed when things seem to go
wrong, but can apply the principle outlined in these lessons with the full assurance
that a higher law will invariably control all other laws, and that through an
understanding and conscious operation of spiritual laws, we can convert every
seeming difficulty into a blessing

In this I definitely see a key, a key to how our being is determining how well we convert challenges into blessings.
By the highly increased awareness of my thoughts as well of the words I speak or write, new habits are forming….I wrote it before, I have softened. For many years it has felt like I had to fight the world, defending my choices as if it would make any difference to my life if I would have their approval.

I don’t need anyone’s approval, only my own. But, having my daughter and her boyfriend accepting the gift of the product of my company, their openness to learning new skills that wil benefit them a lifetime, has been a breakthrough beyond words for me.
They never believed in network marketing. And that’s okay. They are free to make their choices in life, just allow me to make mine.

But things suddenly started to change since my daughter got a new manager, one that was hired with a clear task: to reorganize and get rid of staff on an indefinite contract. She really has a hard time dealing with this guy, likely has a mild form of autisme (never tested yet, but I’m too big an expert in this field to not recognize it) and suddenly was open to exploring different ways.
Within a few months I will need a personal assistent, I would love to hire her! I feel, with her learning the skills to make money independently, she will also slowly see how powerful the products we are selling really are.

We can only see what already exists in the objective world, but what we
visualize, already exists in the spiritual world, and this visualization is a substantial
token of what will one day appear in the objective world, if we are faithful to our
ideal. The reason for this is not difficult; visualization is a form of imagination; this
process of thinking forms impressions on the mind, and these impressions in turn
form concepts and ideals, and they in turn are the plans from which the Master
architect will weave the future.

What I visualize has not happened in the objective world yet, ever. But since I visualize it daily, all through the day, it already exists in the spiritual world. As Haanel says: ‘it is a substantial token of what will one day appear in the objective world, if we are faithful to our ideal.’

It’s an ideal that I work on with a team of people, a MasterMind working in perfect Harmony. The love we share within this group is obvious. We care, we share, we love each other.

We are about halfway this MKMMA course, but it feels like my personal journey only has just begun, and will continue on an ongoing basis, long after this course will have ended.

I love life, I love my teachers, my mentors, my fellow students, my peers….I love all humans, who all are nature’s greatest miracles. They all have the same powers, but only a few are becoming aware of these powers. Growing awareness, seeing kindness everywhere. Sharing kindness….a smile, a friendly word, a compliment….it changes the energy of the moment, of the day, of the person you are kind to… we are changing this world, one step at a time, as we are changing ourselves, one step at a time.

Week 15, Miracles are happening

Happy New Year everyone, and what a year it MUST become!

Alert readers will have noticed I didn’t write a blog in week 14, even the Do it Now’s didn’t make it happen. Reason for this? Yeah, there were the holidays of course, but that wasn’t really it. My company is in the final stages of migration to a new back office and world wide launch right after that. Since I’m not just one of the marketers in it, but co owner and COO, there is a lot to take care of and simply not enough hours in the day.
The reading has often been replaced by playing recordings with my headset on, while working dilligently.
Because of the focus on all the work, I had to prioritize this week and simply couldn’t have other departments waiting, because of my spending time on personal growth. The price that occassionally comes with the job.

But…..I keep looking at my video poster, am ware of the nr 1 item that I need improvement on and see that daily, with others and with my self at times as well….and I feel like  being in a warm bath, while working in perfect harmony with the greatest people one could dream of working with.

Yesterday it seemed like an explosion of all good things manifesting for us….one message after the other came in that filled me with gratitude and excitement. It is like months of dilligent work, on the business AND through the MKMMA on myself, suddenly are rewarded.

I am so much more aware of my thoughts, realizing that exactly these thoughts are forming the path into my future. I am much more forgiving and, not unimportant, find it so much easier to say a heartfelt ‘I am sorry if I pissed you off’….and add a spoken ‘but I really love you’ to that.
Something, just a few months ago, would have been a major treshhold for me to take.
I’ve softened I think….doesn’t mean I can’t take tough decisions, but it is different….I am different.

By the way, I am soooo happy with the new Scroll, I never really liked the 3rd one, but this one is simply uplifting and makes me happy every single time I read it or listen to it’s recording. I cannot imagine to ever not read in this little, yet so important book again after this MKMMA class has finished…. not a surprise if I think about that, because the work on ME will never be finished.

Still trying to complete a 7 day mental diet. Have made it to 5 so far max…. one day it will happen and until then, I will keep re-starting and doing my best.

I’ve scheduled time coming weekend to catch up reading through all of your blogs, something I always experience as something tremendously empowering. Keep growing, keep giving, as we all are nature’s greatest miracle!

Week 13, I’ll never be the same again

When this tremendous fact begins to permeate your consciousness, when you really come into a realization of the fact that you (not your body, but the Ego), the “I,” the spirit which thinks is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same in substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from Himself, you will also be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come into an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at your disposal.

What a week this has been so far. Let me start by sharing with you that I cannot look into my bathroom mirror anymore without instantly thinking or saying my 1-sentence DMP. That excercise was so powerful, starting feeling kinda strange, getting more and more passionate when I realized I had started to use my hands as well. Somewhere halfway the excercise tears were flowing from my eyes, emotions right before the deep realization, this IS reality. Everything in my DMP is a DONE DEAL, it’s only a matter of time, but it’s all in the process of manifestation already.

I started this blogpost with sentence 27 of Haanel’s Part 13, which is so huge!!
I was raised Roman Catholic, but turned my back to church when I was around 14-15 years old. Back then I felt it was like I had to live by rules that once had been created and if I wouldn’t, I would go to hell.
Even at that young age I had seen behavior in Church, that didn’t seem right to me.
It wasn’t that I didn’t believe in God…I did, just not in the Church as an institution. I always knew there simply had to be a higher power.

During the years I’ve explored many other religions, read about it, talked with people from within that religion, visited their churches, temples and mosques….and what became very clear to me, was that all religions were fundamentally the same, they were all based on love.
So why would one religion claim to be better than the other….history shows that most wars have started over religions….it just didn’t make any sense at all. When I was in HongKong, about 10 years ago now, I visited a Buddhist temple, and the serenity there really caught me.
I didn’t become a buddhist, but, especially after having taken a training to become a Reiki Practitioner, things started to come closer together. That period was my introduction to Quantum Physics.

Now, with the MKMMA, and especially during yesterday’s sit, after having read all previous 12 Parts of Haanel again, I realized that I now can wholeheartedly say: “Yes, I DO Believe”.
I now understand what is meant with “The Father and I are One”….and that is powerful beyond imagination. It’s humbling at the same time.

It also made me realize that the path I choose to take a few years back, the path that lead to skepticism with family and even my kids, is the only path to take. By joining the MKMMA, finding out who I really am, what I really want from life and how I am able to manifest what is really of value to me, that path has suddenly accelerated.

In my business we have had a few months with what we call a tsunami of challenges. Final patience is being tested by authorities to provide some paperworks that are required to move to the final steps in order to have our full worldwide launch in January.
But even in this period, new opportunities to enhance what we already have, are popping up and presented to us, it’s magical!!!

I believe, I persist and I manifest, as the Universal Mind is Creative….I manifest my dream life. And in that dream life I look forward to help many do exactly the same.
Happiness and harmony are the cornerstones to a life of abundance.

I’ll never be the same again, as I finally have started living my life based on my terms, not the terms of others.

It took about 50 years, but…I am FREE!